I’m not an app developer. I’m a game developer.

I just returned home from the 360 iDev Min conference in Greenville, SC.  I had a great time and met some amazing people, but I couldn’t help feeling like  I was the odd man out.  The conference centered around creating iOS apps, which is technically what I do, however it’s become clear that creating iOS “apps” is a completely different endeavor than making iOS games.

Maybe app developers are from Mars and game developers are from Venus?  (It’s a good thing I’m confident in my masculinity.)  Of course, we both share similar experiences such as having to understand Apple’s submission guidelines, creating screen shots, composing our app descriptions and keywords, and promoting our apps.  However, when it comes to the actual “craft” of creating apps vs. games, our worlds are very different.  The best analogy I could think of is that game developers draw pictures on paper and an app developers write math equations.  We might both be using the same pencil and paper, but the creation process and end result are two different things.

Since I’ve switched to Unity for my game development, the disconnect has become even greater.  I no longer use Xcode on a daily basis and, after years of coding in Objective-C, I now spend my days immersed in C#.  Also focusing on multiple platforms, like android, has further pulled me away from my earlier Apple-centric days.  I no longer have as direct a connection with Apple’s technologies and new features as I used to.  It’s safe to assume that I won’t be learning Swift anytime soon.

Just to be clear, I’m certainly not trying to say that one pursuit is better than the other. Creating an outstanding iOS app is a noble craft in its own right.  Developing an app, like Clear or Hours for example, that solves a problem and does so with an elegant design and UI is no easy task and is a beautiful thing to behold.

Of course, I still plan to stay connected with my “bothers and sisters in arms” in the app developer community.  Going forward though, I plan to focus a little more of my limited time and energy on my game developer groups and conferences.

Happy coding!

Collider™ is (re)released!

Collider I’m very excited to announce the (re)release of Collider! Collider is a physics-based puzzle game that I originally released in 2009, but sold to another company in 2010. Recently, I purchased the game back and am very happy that it’s now back in my portfolio.

Collider is available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store!

The goal of collider is to place the positive, negative and neutral particle balls from your tray onto the screen and make all positive and negative balls collide and vaporize.
Collider 1

You must navigate an array of pipes, gears, platforms, gates, sensors and other obstacles to achieve your goal.

Some levels require timing…

Other levels require strategy…

Tower Math now on Google Play!

Tower Math on Google Play You can now purchase Tower Math on Google Play for your android device! Enjoy!

Click here to visit Google Play.

Circa Survive – Cat’s Cradle – 6/27/2014

Here’s my favorite shot of Brendan Ektrom from Circa Survive’s performance at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC. (Click on the image to see more photos from the show.)
Brendan Ektrom of Circa Survive - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC - 6/27/2014

Circa Survive Sound Check – Cat’s Cradle – 6/27/2014

I was able to shoot Circa Survive’s sound check before their show at the Cat’s Cradle last Friday. I was treated to a little taste of their upcoming album as they played two new songs. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the fall before we can hear the finished product… (Click the image to see more photos from their sound check.)
Circa Survive's Sound Check at the Cat's Cradle - 6/27/2014

Ume at the Cat’s Cradle – 6/27/2014

I had the pleasure of seeing Ume open up for my favorite band, Circa Survive, last Friday at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC. Lauren Larson, the lead singer and guitarist, was in constant motion through their entire set. (Click on the image to see more photos.)

Ume opening up for Circa Survive at the Cat's Cradle on 6/27/2014

Ume opening up for Circa Survive at the Cat’s Cradle on 6/27/2014

Tower Math receives the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review!

Tower Math Childrens Technology Review Editors Choice Award

I am very happy to report that Tower Math has earned the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review. You can read their review of Tower Math in the May, 2014 issue. Tower Math is currently available for iOS and android.