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Music I’ve written and collaborated on over the years.

David Bowie 1947-2016

The death of David Bowie is almost too much to process.  He was a larger-than-life presence for kids like me growing up in the 70s.  His music has impacted my life in so many ways: I named my company after one of his songs (“The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud”), we named our dog “Bowie” and my daughter went to school today wearing all black in honor of him.

My David Bowie journey began in college in the late 80s.  I remember my sister, Heather, was getting into Bowie and I went to Horizon Records in Greenville, SC to find a gift for her.  I picked up a used copy of Diamond Dogs and took it back to my dorm room.  The cover was so curious and I couldn’t resist giving it a listen.  It blew me away…

Listening to Diamond Dogs obliterated whatever stereotype I had developed for David Bowie.  I realized it wasn’t just aesthetics, costumes and make-up that was driving the phenomenon.  Bowie was the real-deal musically.  I listened to this album over and over again and still consider Diamond Dogs as my “ground zero” David Bowie album.

Luckily I worked at the radio station at Clemson and had access to their huge library of records.  I started an intense exploration of his back catalog.  I felt like I had discovered a treasure chest full of riches.  I digested every album I could get my hands on: Hunky Dory, Low, Heroes, Aladin Sane, and on and on…  I was lucky enough to see him play live four times during the 80s.

David Bowie taught me that you can be whatever you want to be and that you can do more than you thought you could do.  The way he managed to reinvent himself is inspiring.  Always reaching for the next challenge and never settling on his laurels.  David Bowie didn’t just “dabble” in different musical genres… he owned them. Young Americans is a truly great soul album.  Man of Words, Man of Music is a truly great acoustic folk album.  The Man Who Sold The World is a truly great hard-rock (almost heavy metal) album.  You get my point…

When I think about what it means to have a successful life, I can’t help but think of David Bowie as a shining example of success.  Even after his death, he lives on through the impact he’s had on the world and the wealth of beautiful art he has left behind.

“I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do… So I’ll just write some love to you..”

Circa Survive – The Fillmore – 11/25/2015

PK1A1171Anthony Green of Circa Survive

Circa Survive played The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC as part of their Juturna 10th Anniversary Tour.  I was able to shoot this show from the pit and, despite the dim lights, was able to get some decent pictures.  Great show all around.

To see more of my photos from the show, follow the link below to Flickr:

Photos from the Circa Survive show at Amos’ 12/12/2014

I got a ton a great pictures from the Circa Survive show last night in Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, Nick and Steve were in almost complete darkness for the entire show, so I didn’t get very many shots of them this time around.

To see all the pictures, visit my Flickr page:


Circa Survive at Amos’ — Charlotte, NC 12/12/2014

I was lucky enough to see my favorite band, Circa Survive, again last night at Amos’. This was my first chance to hear them play songs from their new record, Descensus, and they did not disappoint. Schema, their first single from the album, sounded particularly great live. One of the highlights for me personally was hearing them play Frozen Creek which I’ve never heard live before.


Charlotte 1991-1995

Here is a sample of the songs that I wrote and recorded in Charlotte, NC between 1991 and 1995. All songs (c) 1991-1995 Dan Russell-Pinson

Carnival: Charlotte – Spring 1995

Sometimes I peer over the wall
To catch a glimpse of all the business
Suits lining up in the hall
Do I have to say hello to them all?
Never seen a carnival at night
I always left before it was too late
Rides spinning out of control
As I dig my way into this hole…alone
Watching it all like it’s on TV
Waiting to see what becomes of me
Like a playing piece in a childrens game
Moved around to serve the natural urge to win
Too many people to make a dent in this world
Seems to live to be consumed
By energies still beyond our control
Should I be what they would have me be?

Breathing: Charlotte – Winter 1994. Colin Cooler plays lead guitar.

Could it be like the dream?
In the winter of time
A wide-open path or an empty highway
An absolute direction
And the snow’s packed so high
I could pull my sled up…
To the overpass
And slide down the other sideAll my life
Following this idle scenery
All my life
Searching for the end of this white seaAnd I can’t look behind
There are city lights ahead
With amusement rides hiding choking women
And I could go there…God stop this light
Just for a little while
No sight, no sound
just la la la…All my life…
And the sun shines so bright
Melting this world
I can’t stand this white
I can’t stop the time
Ticking on…
Desolate white, even at night
The lights becoming thinI see myself from above
When life’s a dark and lonely street
I walk the path that’s put in place
By people who have died before meWill I even try?
I know there’s got to be a place to hide
Will I even try?
I know the door is open in my mindWalk up to the edge
Put a hand through the fragile paper
Not a second thought before I realized
That I was breathing…
To The Water: Guy Traynham plays lead guiter on this one.
Monotony: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.
Message Hidden in a Dream: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.
Experiences: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Music With Arek Greniuk 1991-1992

Here are most of the songs that I wrote and recorded with Arek Greniuk between 1991 and 1992. All songs recorded by Dan Russell-Pinson, Arek Greniuk (c) 1991-1992 Dan Russell-Pinson, Arek Greniuk

Another Town:Dan Russell-Pinson, Charlotte – Summer 1992

I’m closing in
on a dream to leave
There will be places
There will be reasons
Peace of mind
Another town
Another time
I can see you
You’re right next to me
We’ll see the lights
We’ll be free
Another town
Another time
Technology:Words and music by Dan Russell-Pinson

Caught daydreaming through the hallways
Spinning thoughts about the future in our hands
I thought of how it is unwritten
Or am I going through motions of design?
My white shirt sleeves have both shrunken
Seemed like such a big injustice at the time
Watching company leaders smile
On the aging telescreens sent from Japan

It’s a holocaust living life this way
Sometimes I think it’s just the price I pay

I thought I’d leave to watch the sunrise
It’s worth the risk to leave this madness for a while
I see my place in this creation
Is just a speck it doesn’t matter anymore

It’s a holocaust living life this way
Sometimes I think it’s just the price I pay

Theory of Everything:Words by Dan Russell-Pinson, Music by Dan Russell-Pinson and Arek Greniuk

Wasted tears falling down
The floor provides and opposing force
To make the crash more interesting
Fluorescent light refracts inside them
The laws allow no choice
But to follow and obey their message
How long was the moment that we shared?
The feelings that we held inside
The ones I could not justify
I can’t explain these thoughts inside me
I can’t measure them to figure out
Maybe I’ll never know because I’m..

Caught in the myth that it can all be explained
Caught by the myth that we can all be saved
Someday… someday…
Someday we might make some sense of this
Someday we may find the theory of everything

I live my life to plot these points
Equations for our lives
But the overhead has conquered me now
I cannot fight these tides that drive me
To end this futile quest
And to find the god who started all this

Caught in the myth that it can all be explained
Caught by the myth that we can all be saved
Someday… someday…
Someday we might make some sense of this
On the crossroad of our life
Living off this borrowed time
Without a sign to tell us why
So many questions in our time
Makes it hard to reach tomorrow
So we lose ourselves to find the gateway

Caught in the myth that it can all be explained
Caught by the myth that we can all be saved
Someday… someday…
Someday we might make some sense of this
Someday we may find the theory of everything

A Night Like Tonight: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point. 

Clemson 1989-1990

Here is a sample of some of the songs I wrote, recorded and collaborated on between 1989 and 1990.

Light: I recorded this during some school break when everybody at the apartment/campus was gone. I was pretty proud of this song/recording at the time.
Good Clown Gone Bad: Recorded by Dan Russell-Pinson, Heather Russell, Finley Lee, Mike ?
Hubbaneebee: Recorded by Dan Russell-Pinson, Amanda Huber
You Dropped the H-Bomb of Love on the Hiroshima of my Heart: Recorded by Dan Russell-Pinson, Heather Russell, Finley Lee, Mike ?
Just a Song: Still learning… the lyrics aren’t exactly a triumph of the written word, but you gotta start somewhere.