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David Bowie 1947-2016

Colin Frangicetto / Psychic Babble – Atlanta, GA – 12/3/2013

Colin Frangicetto / Psychic Babble - Atlanta, GA - 12/3/2013Colin Frangicetto / Psychic Babble - Atlanta, GA - 12/3/2013Colin Frangicetto / Psychic Babble - Atlanta, GA - 12/3/2013Colin Frangicetto / Psychic Babble - Atlanta, GA - 12/3/2013Colin Frangicetto / Psychic Babble - Atlanta, GA - 12/3/2013

Psychic Babble is the side project of Circa Survive’s Colin Frangicetto. Here are a few pictures from his 4th show ever last night in Atlanta. Colin is an amazing person and I’m very lucky to be able to call him my friend.

Big Country – Jacksonville, FL – 8/31/2013

Mike Peters of Big CountryFather and son -- Bruce and Jamie WatsonMike Peters and Derek Forbes of Big CountryJamie Watson, Bruce Watson and Mike PetersBig CountryJamie Watson, Mike Peters and Bruce Watson
Bruce Watson CloseupMike Peters of Big CountryPK1A5292Derek Forbes of Big CountryMike Peters of Big CountryJamie Watson, Mike Peters and Bruce Watson
Derek Forbes of Big CountryMike Peters of Big CountryMike Peters cleaning up the stagePK1A5273PK1A5284Mike Peters guitar decorated for the final show of the Journey t
Jamie Watson, Bruce Watson and Mike PetersPK1A5310

We drove 8 hours to see Big Country’s final US stop of The Journey tour and it was totally worth it. They were having the best time that night and I think many of these pictures capture fun and camaraderie they had on stage. At the end of the show, they announced they would be coming back next year. It can’t come soon enough.

Invisible Children pt. 2

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Invisible Children

I’m currently raising money for the organization Invisible Children to help stop the war in northern Uganda and to end the use of child soldiers in this conflict. Please follow the link below to visit my fundraising page and donate what you are able to.

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Dan Russell-Pinson’s Invisible Children fundraising page:

Thanks so much!


One Nation Indivisible

One Nation Indivisible

On June 21st, 2010, Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics, a group I’ve been a part of for many years, put up our first billboard. After considering a couple of options, the group decided on a simple message that would coincide with July 4th.

The billboard simply reads “One Nation Indivisible” and is intended to spotlight the contradiction of placing “under God” in the pledge of allegiance. To quote Joseph Stewart, the person who came up with the concept: “When the words ‘under God’ were inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance between ‘one nation’ and ‘indivisible,’ they made a lie out of both those ideals because you can’t have an indivisible nation if you draw a line between the godly and godless. We all belong here.”.

One Nation Indivisible - Vandalized

Over the following weekend, one or more persons defaced the billboard by spray painting the words “under god” and an arrow pointing between “One Nation” and “Indivisible”. However, this stunt has seemed to have backfired as word of the vandalism spread, the story of the billboard grew even bigger than before and is now being covered by many more news outlets both National and International. This news coverage has also brought in a flood of new members to CAA. The crime has been reported to the police and a new billboard is expected to be installed before the 4th of July holiday.

Many people responding to the story (and even some news anchors) were not aware that the words “under God” did not actually appear in the original pledge of allegiance written in 1892. (They were added in 1954 in the midst of the McCarthy era and under the fear of Communism.)

I believe that our country can never truly achieve the pledge’s goal of “liberty and justice for all” until the separation of church and state that our founding Fathers conceived of is fully realized. Hopefully this small consciousness raising effort will help to plant a seed in those who see the billboard or read about it in the news.

Inside the Mind of a Tea Bagger

My first attempt at a comic…

Inside the Mind of a Tea Bagger