Monthly Archives: July 1989

Fort Pickens 1989

I lived and worked at Gulf Islands National Seashore (near Pensacola, FL) during the summers of 1987 to 1990. From my house, I could see Ft. Pickens (see above) which is an old civil war fort.

In 1989, I brought my fostex 4-track recorder with me and recorded several songs. These were pretty much the first complete songs I ever wrote and recorded by myself. Everything you hear in these songs was produced with just an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drum machine and a shortwave radio using a multi-effects unit and a digital delay pedal.

All songs Recorded by Dan Russell-Pinson  (c) 1989 Dan Russell-Pinson

Off Again: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Asleep at the Wheel: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Untitled with Matt Glass: I recorded this with my friend Matt Glass at my house on the island. He played lead guitar and I played bass and keyboards if I remember correctly.