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Charlotte 1991-1995

Here is a sample of the songs that I wrote and recorded in Charlotte, NC between 1991 and 1995. All songs (c) 1991-1995 Dan Russell-Pinson

Carnival: Charlotte – Spring 1995

Sometimes I peer over the wall
To catch a glimpse of all the business
Suits lining up in the hall
Do I have to say hello to them all?
Never seen a carnival at night
I always left before it was too late
Rides spinning out of control
As I dig my way into this hole…alone
Watching it all like it’s on TV
Waiting to see what becomes of me
Like a playing piece in a childrens game
Moved around to serve the natural urge to win
Too many people to make a dent in this world
Seems to live to be consumed
By energies still beyond our control
Should I be what they would have me be?


Breathing: Charlotte – Winter 1994. Colin Cooler plays lead guitar.

Could it be like the dream?
In the winter of time
A wide-open path or an empty highway
An absolute direction
And the snow’s packed so high
I could pull my sled up…
To the overpass
And slide down the other sideAll my life
Following this idle scenery
All my life
Searching for the end of this white seaAnd I can’t look behind
There are city lights ahead
With amusement rides hiding choking women
And I could go there…God stop this light
Just for a little while
No sight, no sound
just la la la…All my life…
And the sun shines so bright
Melting this world
I can’t stand this white
I can’t stop the time
Ticking on…
Desolate white, even at night
The lights becoming thinI see myself from above
When life’s a dark and lonely street
I walk the path that’s put in place
By people who have died before meWill I even try?
I know there’s got to be a place to hide
Will I even try?
I know the door is open in my mindWalk up to the edge
Put a hand through the fragile paper
Not a second thought before I realized
That I was breathing…


To The Water: Guy Traynham plays lead guiter on this one.

Monotony: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Message Hidden in a Dream: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Experiences: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Photos from 1995-1996

Some older photos I moved here from my old web site.

1995-1996, a set on Flickr.