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Introducing Off the Rails!

Imagine designing a roller coaster while you’re riding it!

Off the Rails!After four months of intense work, I’m very happy to announce the release of my 11th app, Off the Rails! Off the Rails is a unique game that lets you build complex roller coasters just by tilting your screen. You can create loops, corkscrews, barrel rolls, jumps and more while earning 75+ different game objectives. If you really love the roller coaster you just made, you can save it and ride it again and again with your choice of 14 different vehicles.

When you’re creating a coaster you see the scene from a 1st person point of view. You control where the roller coaster track moves by tilting your screen forward, back, left and right.
Off the Rails - 1st person view

After you’ve saved your roller coaster, you can ride it with your choice of 14 different vehicles. You earn money to purchase the vehicles by collecting green boosters located throughout the scene.

As the name of the game suggests, you can create jumps where your vehicle goes “off the rails”. This feature makes for some really crazy roller coasters!

While you’re creating or riding your roller coaster, there are several cars riding the same track behind you. This can lead to some pretty epic crashes.

The learn section has lots of great information about roller coaster physics including centripetal force, G-forces and other interesting facts. Why are roller coaster loops teardrop shaped instead of circular? Visit the learn section to find out.

– Create up to 5 player profiles
– Choose from 14 different vehicles
– Complete more than 75 game objectives
– Learn about roller coaster physics
– Save your favorite roller coasters
– Two different roller coaster types
– Intuitive game controls
– 3D physics simulator
– Realistic sound effects

Off the Rails is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the App Store:

Off the Rails is also available for Android phones and tablets in the Amazon AppStore:

I hope you enjoy Off the Rails and please be sure to tell your friends!

Photos from the Circa Survive show at Amos’ 12/12/2014

I got a ton a great pictures from the Circa Survive show last night in Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, Nick and Steve were in almost complete darkness for the entire show, so I didn’t get very many shots of them this time around.

To see all the pictures, visit my Flickr page:


Circa Survive at Amos’ — Charlotte, NC 12/12/2014

I was lucky enough to see my favorite band, Circa Survive, again last night at Amos’. This was my first chance to hear them play songs from their new record, Descensus, and they did not disappoint. Schema, their first single from the album, sounded particularly great live. One of the highlights for me personally was hearing them play Frozen Creek which I’ve never heard live before.