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Music I’ve written and collaborated on over the years.

Fort Pickens 1989

I lived and worked at Gulf Islands National Seashore (near Pensacola, FL) during the summers of 1987 to 1990. From my house, I could see Ft. Pickens (see above) which is an old civil war fort.

In 1989, I brought my fostex 4-track recorder with me and recorded several songs. These were pretty much the first complete songs I ever wrote and recorded by myself. Everything you hear in these songs was produced with just an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drum machine and a shortwave radio using a multi-effects unit and a digital delay pedal.

All songs Recorded by Dan Russell-Pinson  (c) 1989 Dan Russell-Pinson

Off Again: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Asleep at the Wheel: This song appears in my online game Tipping Point.

Untitled with Matt Glass: I recorded this with my friend Matt Glass at my house on the island. He played lead guitar and I played bass and keyboards if I remember correctly.


Restless Leg Exhibit

Restless Leg was my first band consisting of:

Craig Cochran – Vocals/Guitar
Doug Ferrell – Keyboards
Mason Wells – Drums
Dan Russell – Bass

Formed while students at Clemson University, we were a cover band with a few originals and managed to play our share of downtown clubs and fraternity parties for the two semesters we played together.


and now… (Restless Leg reunion: December, 2001)

All songs recorded by Restless Leg Exhibit (c)1989 Restless Leg Exhibit

In the Glow: In the Glow was one of only two original songs that we actually got on tape. We recorded it at WSBF (the Clemson radio station). The first attempt at recording this song didn’t turn out very well, but we learned a few lessons in the process. This is the second version.

Your Legacy: A Craig Cochran composition also recorded at WSBF.

South South East (Live): This is a Restless Leg Exhibit original written before I joined the band.