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Stranger 9/100 – Anthony

100 Strangers - AnthonyWalking down College Street, I heard some cool R&B guitar sounds and a drum machine. When I followed the sound to its source, I ran into this cool cat.

Meet Anthony.

Anyone who works in uptown Charlotte has certainly seen and/or heard Anthony play as he’s out there on the street working it almost every day.

Anthony is a rhythm guitarist who’s been playing for 43 years. He’s performed in many places including New York, Florida and New Jersey, but he now calls Charlotte home. Anthony said “This is where I work. This is what I do for a living, man. I’m here all year long… November, December, January, February…”

He told me about the different musicians he’s known over the years including members of the Funkadelics and Kool and the Gang. The bass player he plays with now is the son of Al Green. Besides busking, Anthony also performs at his church.

I wanted to learn more about him, but felt like I had already taken too much of his time. It was amazing to meet you Anthony and best of luck.

Technical Notes: It was a clear sunny day, but Anthony was located in a nice shady spot on a street corner. The sun was behind him to his right. No flash or reflector used.

Here’s another shot of Anthony in action:
100 Strangers - Anthony

Anthony Green

Anthony Green
Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve been working hard on my process lately. Identifying the shortcomings in my previous paintings and brainstorming solutions. This portrait is the culmination of everything I’ve learned so far. Question going forward: Is it worth the excruciating effort required to achieve realism or would it be better (and more enjoyable) to loosen up and let the brush strokes show? I’m leaning towards the latter…

A short video showing the different stages of the portrait:


Anthony Green of Circa Survive – Amos’ – Charlotte, NC – 1/25/2017