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David Sylvian

David Sylvian
Acrylic on Canvas

I experimented with a watercolor-style on this acrylic painting of David Sylvian.  I did the initial sketch with very thinned-out blue paint instead of the usual 3B pencil.  Most of the paint applied was very watery to get the desired effect.

If anything this experience has made me want to pursue pure watercolor painting.  I’m working on my drawing skills now and hope to get my feet wet with watercolors soon.


The Making of David Bowie (Sweet Thing)

A short video showing the progression of my latest painting of David Bowie.

David Bowie (Sweet Thing)

David Bowie (Sweet Thing)
Acrylic on Canvas

I’m still working on acrylic portraits and this is my favorite so far.  I managed to get smoother skin tones than my previous portrait attempts.  This one took about 13-14 hours.