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Stranger 28/100 – Marquel

100 Strangers - MarquelOur next stranger is an entrepreneur with big aspirations.

Meet Marquel.

“I’m a recording artist. I’ve got my own label.”

“Right now, I’m just starting. We’re based in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re open to all genres from gospel to soul to R&B to jazz… we do all of that. Right now, I got a couple of artists lined up to go under contract. I’m still waiting it out to see how they’ll be towards my company and stuff.”

“I’m starting a clothing line called Moolavation. Yeah, hard dedication, no procrastination, no hesitation becomes Moolavation… it’s a new word. By 2018, I’m gonna have it in the dictionary.”

How did you get to be such an entrepreneur? “My mom and my dad. My dad had his own landscaping business. My mother, she had her own book publishing business. So, it’s always been in the mindset of me having my own business. When it came to me being into music, back in church and stuff, that’s what made me want to start the record label.”

What advice would you give to your younger self? “Never look behind. Never let the past set your future because, if that was the case, your eyes would be in the back of your head.”

“Another thing is, when somebody says the sky is the limit, don’t believe it because Neil Armstrong walked the moon.”

So, if you don’t live in the past, do you live in the present or the future? “The future… the present has already passed.”

Technical Notes: This photo was taken on a bright day out of the direct sun with no flash or reflector.