Furballs! for the iPhone is Released!

Furballs!, my iPhone follow-up to Block Drop, has just been released and is now available in the App Store. The “light, happy” style is a bit of a departure for me, but I’m pleased with the final product. Furballs! was designed specifically for the iPhone although I do have a Flash version available too (currently awaiting sponsorship). Furballs! Lite should be released shortly.

Furballs! is an addictive new iPhone game that combines the two popular game genres of path-drawing and match three into one package. Using the familiar “tap and draw” control system made popular by Flight Control, you must guide the colorful furballs through space to make matches. As you progress, special objects appear such as meteors which can burn furballs, comets which freeze them, wildcard furballs and satellites too. Furballs! features original music and over 150 levels of ever increasing difficulty.

See Furballs! on the iPhone App Store

Visit the Furballs! Home Page

See Furballs! in action on YouTube

“Superb graphics, exciting and challenging gameplay and a charm all its own, Furballs is a must for every iPhone and iPod Touch out there.”
Under The Radar

“Furballs! offers a great experience that tackles both the match-3 and line-drawing genres.”


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