Rocket Math (now Mathmateer)!

Rocket Math IconMy latest app, Rocket Math (now Mathmateer), is finished! After the success of Stack the States, I wanted to follow up with another app that was both educational AND fun to play. In this new app, you build your own rockets from the ground up. As you build your rocket, you have to earn money for parts by doing math problems. Once your rocket is complete, you can put it on the launch pad and blast off into space. Tilt the device to steer your rocket and move a slider to control the thrust.

Once you’re in space, the real fun begins! While your rocket is floating weightlessly, play one of the 56 different math missions. Each mission has touchable objects floating in space, including stars, coins, clocks, 3D shapes and even pizzas! Earn a bronze, silver or gold medal and also try to beat your high score. Missions range in difficulty from even/odd numbers all the way to square roots, so kids and their parents will enjoy hours of fun while learning math.

56 DIFFERENT MATH MISSIONS: Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Counting, Telling Time, U.S. Money, Shapes (2D and 3D), Patterns, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square Roots and many more!

Click here to see it in iTunes!

▸ 56 fun math missions that are different every time
▸ Over 90 colorful rocket parts
▸ Lively sound effects and music
▸ Fun arithmetic game with 3 difficulty levels
▸ Works on both iPhone and iPad – a universal app
▸ Choose from over 15 space-themed avatars
▸ Create up to five player profiles
▸ Rocket simulator is powered by a realistic physics engine
▸ Adjust music and sound settings
▸ Provides hours and hours of learning fun!

An educational app for all ages that’s actually FUN to play!

★ “…another winner and Mr. Russell-Pinson is on a roll.” – The iPhone Mom
★ “Math Rocket: a brilliant math app that combines math and games in a very smart way.” –

18 responses to “Rocket Math (now Mathmateer)!

  1. My students love this app. They have figured out how to increase their “money” without doing the practices. They love it! they feel as is if they have “beaten” the app.

  2. My daughter loves this app, when will it be available on other platforms?

  3. Android suits me best at present, thanks for the consideration.

  4. My son loves this game, he is in 1st grade and plays it on his school issued iPod. We have a Kindle at home, and I wish we could download it so he could play it during the summer too! It is so fun, I don’t think he realizes he is learning! 🙂

    • Hi Erin! So glad to hear your son is enjoying Mathmateer. I spent the last 6 month porting four of my apps to android. Mathmateer didn’t make the first cut, but I still might make an android version of it. I’m hoping to release a new android math game in April that I think he will enjoy in the meantime. All the best. -Dan

  5. Do we have to pay for the rocket parts or is the money system just part if the game? I don’t want my credit card charged without my permission.

    • Hi Heather! Thanks for your comment and for your interest in Mathmateer! No, Mathmateer doesn’t have any type of In-App-Purchase functionality. All the “money” in the game is earned by doing math problems and spent to buy rocket parts. No credit card required. 😉 I hope this helps! -Dan

  6. We love all of your games that we have been able to play on our kindle: stack the states, stack the countries, presidents vs aliens, and tower math. It is thanks to you that my 3-year-old knows every state’s name and where it is located. My 5-year-old plays mathmateer at school and wanted me to ask if you could make it for the kindle he can play it at home. Monster Physics looks like fun, too.

    • Hello Virginia! I’m very happy that you’re enjoying the android versions of my apps. I still haven’t ported Mathmateer and Monster Physics to android yet. Both of those apps are more complicated and therefore more difficult to port. I don’t have any immediate plans to make them available for android, but I haven’t ruled it out either. All the best! -Dan

  7. Hi Dan, wondering if you can send me $500 so I can get My son his own iPad… LOL. He’s addicted to go both Mathmateer and Stack the states. Please please please make Mathmateer available on android. I refuse to buy him an iPad due to the cost but I am willing to buy a Kindle but not all your apps are available! Thanks so much!

    • Hello Elle. Thanks for your note. Most of my apps are available, but a few (as you have noted are not). Mathmateer was written using some very old tech. To make it available on android would require a complete rewrite of the app. Unfortunately, I’m not able to justify that at this time. I hope this helps! -Dan

  8. Hi Dan. Just bought the app for my iPad but it does function. The rocket flies, but there are no numbers displayed. Please advise.


    • Hello Fin. Thanks for your note and for purchasing Mathmateer. I would suggest selecting the “Sample Rocket” (which is included in every player profile). This rocket is designed to properly fly into space where the math activities the place. I hope this helps! -Dan

  9. Any update for an Android version of Rocket Math (Mathmateer)? Is there possibly any a new Math app for Android?

    • Hi Aaron. Thanks for your note and for your interest in Mathmateer. Unfortunately, Mathmateer was written on a platform that is not compatible with Android. I don’t think a Mathmateer android app is is going to happen. I don’t have any more math apps in the works at this time. Thanks again! Dan

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