Rocket Math Receives the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review

Rocket Math was the recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review and will be included in the latest print edition of their magazine. Thanks go out to CTR for taking the time to review Rocket Math!

Update: Rocket Math is now called Mathmateer

11 responses to “Rocket Math Receives the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review

  1. can we get it for our interactive white board. the chn in my grade love it and I’d love to be able to do a whole grade game

    • Thanks for your note! At the moment, Rocket Math is only available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The closest thing you could do to achieve what you want is to use the VGA out of the iPad 3 to display it on a projector. Of course this setup wouldn’t utilize the capabilities that a smart board has… -Dan

  2. I have the lite version on my IPAD. How can I take players off in order to add others?

    • Hi Linda! The full version of the app (now called Mathmateer) allows you to delete existing player profiles and add new ones. The lite version does not have this feature as it is intended mainly for evaluative purposes. The only way I can think of to delete existing players would be to delete the app from your device and reinstall it. I hope this helps!

  3. The description of mathemateer says that the sound can be adjusted, but I did not see where to accomplish that. Of course, I can mute my iPad; however, then I have no audio feedback. I anticipate requiring my students to use earphones!

    • Mathmateer (the full version) allows you to adjust sound with options to turn music on/off and to turn sound effects on/off. You can access these options by tapping the (i) button from the main menu, then tap Settings. If there are any other sound adjusts you think would be helpful for your classroom, please feel free to send your suggestions my way.

  4. Thank you. I thought I checked the i button, but apparently I didn’t.

  5. Bought this for my daughter last week. She is enjoying it so far. I haven’t found this anywhere, but are there options to choose the number range for the math? For example, I need to set up an addition mission that adds two numbers, but those two numbers wouldn’t ever add to more than 20.

    I see ‘canned’ missions but no option to customize. Is this correct?


    • Hello Mike. Thanks so much for introducing Mathmateer to your daughter. The best way to do what you’re asking for is to go to the Earn Money screen (tap the $ button in the Build Rocket screen). From there select addition and then find the closest difficulty setting that matches your daughters level. At the moment, the math missions are hardcoded and can’t be modified. I hope this helps! -Dan

  6. I sure wish Mathmateer was available for Amazon KindleFire! We use the KindleFire, & love it because I can use parent control settings to limit what my 2nd grader has access to, and have no plans to switch her to an ipad anytime in the future. PLEASE make this available on Kindle!

    • Hi Lisa. Thanks so much for your comment. I’ve had a whirlwind the last 6 months in which I’ve ported 4 of my apps to android. Mathmateer wasn’t one of them, but I will consider it based on the demand. Your request has certainly been noted! All the best. -Dan

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