Stack the States is now available for Windows Phone!

The title says it all.  Stack the States is now on sale in the Windows Phone Marketplace!  This is an exact port of the iPhone version of Stack the States and is currently on sale for $0.99.  All of the features and bonus games from the original are included.

See Stack the States in the Windows Phone Marketplace:

More announcements will be coming later in the month.

48 responses to “Stack the States is now available for Windows Phone!

  1. Can you comment on whether you might bring this to Android? Guaranteed buyer here if you do!

    • Hi RH, Good question. I’ve been watching the Android platform from the sidelines for a while now. There are a couple barriers to entry: 1) The are so many different devices and it would be a challenge to ensure that my app performs properly on all/most of them. 2) From what I’ve heard there aren’t as many dollars being spent on Android compared to iOS. Having said that, I’m pretty certain that I’ll take the Android plunge sometime… I’m just not sure when that will be.

  2. I’m another guaranteed buyer. My kids both got a kindle fire for Christmas. I’m pretty sure there are a ton of us who would really love to get your game for our kids.

  3. We are guaranteed buyers as well. My son uses the game at school, and keeps asking me when he will be able to play on my Toshiba Thrive.

  4. I hope to see them on the Android side as well. I know many parents (including myself) would pay to have them on the Android tablets. We are sensible parents that would support the open market than paying way more to make Apple the only monopoly in the game. However, when kids’ education is in check, we will gladly pay for those. Please don’t penalize parents/kids who would not (or could not) jump on Apple’s wagon.

  5. My son loves both Stack games. He is 4 and knows all the states and some of the capitals thanks to your game. He also knows all the South American countries and is getting to know Africa and all the others.

    Unfortunately, he only gets to play it on Grandma’s Ipad because we have Droids. 😦

  6. My daughters teacher has it on her ipad and lets the children play when they have finished with their work. My daughter keeps asking when can we get it on our nook tablet.

  7. Another one here hoping to get this app for her nook. Please, please, please see what you can do to make it available to more devices.

  8. Please my son is begging for stack the states on his android! Pppllleaaase? Pretty please with cherry on top!

  9. I’m reading the comments on this page on my laptop with my 7 yr old son reading over my shoulder. He loves playing Stack the States at his school on an iPad and wants me to buy it for him, however, I have an Android phone and plan on getting him a much more affordable Android tablet this year — please consider doing an Android version this year!

    P.S. My son wants you to know he loves your app and that he got 66 states on your game, which was the most for his class. (I don’t know what the 66 states accomplishment means — last time I checked there were only 50 — but he sure seems proud of the accomplishment and wants you to know!)

    • Thanks for writing Peter. Let your son know that I’m very proud of his accomplishments on Stack the States!

      Concerning Android, I’m still considering the pros and cons of porting there. At the moment, I don’t have immediate plans to pursue android, but that could change…


  10. As far as Android vs. iOS the numbers show more Android activation than iOS. I don’t have kids and would love to buy the app for my Android devices.

    • Hi kittywan, thanks for your note. Android does have more handsets, but only a fraction of the app sales that iOS has. The fragmentation of devices/OS levels/brands/resolutions also makes supporting android a much bigger task. So far, my analysis is that supporting android would be 1.5x to 2x times the effort of supporting iOS for only 20-25% of the revenue. For a one-man shop like me, that’s a difficult proposition. However, I remain open and will keep monitoring things as they evolve. -Dan

  11. Another mama who would be a sure buyer here! My son loves to play both Stack the States and Stack the Countries on my iPhone and just got his own Nexus 7 and would love to have it on there as well!

  12. My son came home today begging to get Stack the States on his Kindle because he plays it on the iPad at school. We would love it if it were available there.

  13. Another disappointed parent here RE: no droid app of Stack the States (and Countries, which I just learned about too). My 4-year-old son loved playing it on his aunt’s iPad over the Thanksgiving holiday. We just drove from MI to NC and he talked non-stop on the drive about getting his “special download” when we got home. I am so disappointed to find it’s not available to us! How do you suggest that I break the news to him?

  14. Another future buyer here! At our 1st grade class meeting over half the parents went online to buy the app after seeing it in class and where unable too because its not available in the android market! Would gladly pay 4 times what the apple market does to make up for the reduced interest you feel the game would have in the android market!

  15. Hi! Another I am another parent with children asking…..begging for the Stack the State app. We however have droids. we will be waiting, hoping to see the Stack the States game in the near future on the droid app store. thanks,
    Definate Buyer

  16. I would love to see this app on android. I would definitely buy it. My 3 year old has been playing it on our ipad and he can recognize all the states and he’s pretty good at placing them on the map.

  17. Not sure if this was yet posted here, but you can get this app for a Windows 7 or 8 PC from Intel AppUp app store. It’s not the same as using it on a touch screen, but it has calmed my son while we patiently wait for a droid version to be created.

  18. Another future customer once this app comes to the android market. As the movie said, “Build it and they will come.”

  19. This parent would gleefully pay more for this app on an adroid to compensate your increased effort and decreased revenue.

  20. mama2booandyaya

    Another parent with children who own Kindle Fire tablets and android phones. We would LOVE to purchase your app!

  21. Count US as another family that is a guaranteed purchase. We have 2 copies on i OS, but got droid tablets for the kids.

  22. Another guaranteed sale here. I would like to get Stack the States and Stack the Countries for a Kindle Fire HD. Great games to make learning fun! Several of your other games look interesting as well. Hope you take the Android plunge soon.

  23. Staying off android because it’s more work with less profit is understandable however exposing another 80 million users who aren’t stuck in the IOS ecosystem would be a smart move. Just develop your app for android phones running 4.1 and above it limits your fragmentation, put in a little extra work and with how android is eclipsing IOS in almost every category I’m sure you will reap the benefits.

  24. just develop for Jelly Bean and higher. Anyone with an older version of Android will have an under powered phone that can’t run the app. You have the same issue with iOS. My son’t iPod can’t use any of the new apps int he app store because it is a 3rd gen iPod touch that does not have the ability to get any iOS version higher than 4.2

  25. Kerry Rosenhagen

    Kindle Fire! Yes! My boys (7 and 9) each have Kindle Fire HD tablets – which seems to be a very common device for kids. They love Stack the States – they play it on Mac and Windows and on their grandpa’s iPad. They would play it more on their Kindles, which is their primary device for games (educational and other).

  26. Another here that’s anxiously waiting for an Android version of Stack the States! My kids LOVE to play it on my iphone but they have android tablets and are beyond disappointed that it’s not on there. In November I’m renewing my cellphone and planning to make the switch from iphone to an android phone. I sure hope by then, you have an android version or we won’t be able to play the game at all 😦

    • Hi Jen! The android version is coming along nicely. I have all the functionality completed except for sound which I’m working on now. Hoping to release for Kindle by the beginning of August and for the rest of android by the beginning of September.

  27. My daughter and I are so excited about this! She just asked me again this weekend if I could check the Kindle app store again for it. We’re very excited for this – it’s a cool game (and maybe you’ll consider doing Stack the Countries next? 🙂

  28. *SO* glad to hear about the Android version! Stack the States has turned my old 3rd Gen iPod touch into the most popular device in the house, since our other devices are two Android phones, a Nexus 7 and the kids’ Nook Tablets (hacked to run Jelly Bean).

  29. Glad I found this site. My daughter is six and we are teaching her the states and capitols, my niece told me about your game and we LOVE it! We also have an Android tablet and can’t wait to get the game. This is such an easy way to teach our kids and it’s fun, definitely not how I was taught them in school. Thank you!

  30. Dan, good to see it’s available on the amazon market, but will you be releasing it on Google Play in the near future? My toddler loves it, but I would prefer to avoid the hassle of multiple app stores if possible.

    • Hi Mark! Yes, Stack the States will be available on Google Play around or after August 20th. I’ll be sure to announce on my Facebook page and Twitter if you follow me on either one of those. -Dan

  31. I am a director of technology for a small district. I hope to see this app on Google play for education because I have started purchasing android devices for the students.

    • Hello Dex. Thanks for your note and for your interest in Stack the States. I do plan to release Stack the States on Google Play on or after August 20th. Stack the Countries will follow 5-6 weeks later. -Dan

  32. Hi Dan, I was wondering when you might be releasing stack the states on Google Play.. My daughter is chomping at the bit to get it on her Nexus 7. She LOVES playing it on my ipad!! Thank you for a wonderful educational app!!

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