Stack the States is now available for android!

Stack the States

Stack the States is finally available for the android platform!  The android version contains the exact same functionality as the iOS version including the stacking game, 4 bonus games, flash cards and interactive map and creation of up to 6 player profiles.

Stack the States for android requires android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher and is priced at $0.99.

See Stack the States for android in the Amazon App Store:

20 responses to “Stack the States is now available for android!

  1. Hooray! I’m so happy. Bought it this morning.

  2. Thank you so much… have been waiting for this for a long time, glad to see what I expected (#1 best selling status), and hoping Stack the Countries and other apps will soon follow! Bought it immediately, and will leave a review.

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    can it be downloaded to nook hd+? i cant seem to find it

  4. Purchased, and now the kids are happily learning about the US states, even my 4-year-old! Looking forward to Stack the Countries for android.

    Also, not sure what else you had in mind, but here’s a couple of ideas I’d be interested in: Stack the Periodic Table or Stack the Anatomy (bones and/or organs).

  5. Bought for my wife. Now she’s waiting for Stack the Countries. Any estimated release date yet?

    • Hi Kirk! Thanks for purchasing Stack the States for android! I haven’t started on Stack the Countries yet, but I plan to start sometime in September. It should be ready sometime in October or November. Stay tuned…

  6. Hi Dan,
    Wanted to let you know that we in the Special Ed arena are also thrilled with your Stack The States and Stack the Countries. They are interesting and fun games, and the kids of all abilities enjoy them. Perhaps in a future update it would be possible to for the states and countries to say their names?? It would be a great reinforcement of the learning that’s taking place. Thanks again for such quality games!

    • Hello Holly! Thanks for your note. I’m so glad to hear that my apps are helpful in the special Ed community. Adding voice to my apps is one of the most requested features. It’s been a challenging prospect given that there are 193 countries many with challenging pronunciations. There are also some technical considerations too. I will continue to keep this feature in mind going forward and will be on the lookout for a good solution. All the best. -Dan

  7. Love your games! I have “countries” and “states” and now just added “presidents” on my kindle fire…. i would love a more challenging puzzle in the “states” game…. maybe “super-hard” and have up to 20 states? anyway, still learning africa…. will i ever know all those little countries? probably not! LOL! and still struggling with the flags… good that i have not mastered it all 🙂

  8. I just purchased stack the states for my four-year-old. I love it but wish the states and capitals said their names, since he can’t read yet. I love this product for him in the next year or two, but was disappointed it didn’t point this out in the description of this app.

    • Hi Becky! Thanks for your comment and for purchasing Stack the States! I appreciate your feedback. I don’t have any immediate plans to add voice to the app, but it certainly could happen sometime in the future. Many parents of younger children play Stack the States together where the parent reads the question aloud and both try to answer it and stack the states together. I hasn’t occurred to me to mention that the app doesn’t have spoken word capability in the description, but perhaps I could add something to that effect. All the best, Dan

  9. I love this game and have had it on my Kindle for a couple of years now. All of a sudden, after all this ad-free time, there is an annoying pop-up in the middle of playing, approximately every 30-60 seconds. It’s unbearable. If I’m remembering correctly, this was not a free app. Why is this ad now showing up? I really, really don’t want to delete it, but it’s just too obnoxious. Thanks for your help.

  10. Enhancement Request: please add a feature that enables the user to select specific states to be included in the quiz.

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