Stack the Countries now available for android in the Amazon Appstore!

Stack the CountriesI’m very proud to announce the release of my second educational app for android: Stack the Countries! It’s now available for purchase through the Amazon Appstore and contains all of the features of the iPad version.

See it now in the Amazon Appstore:

22 responses to “Stack the Countries now available for android in the Amazon Appstore!

  1. Thanks, Dan — am deciding whether to buy our son a Kindle Fire HDX for Christmas and the ability to play Stack the States and Countries on it was a prerequisite — as a first grader, he knows his states, capitals, and African countries thanks to you!!

    • Hi Gretchen! So glad to hear that your son has learned so much from my apps. Yes, Stack the States/Countries are both available now and I plan to port Presidents vs Aliens to android sometime in early 2014. All future apps will be released for android as well. All the best, -Dan

  2. Will Stack the Countries be available on Google Play like Stack the States? I don’t want to open my Daughter’s tablet up to non google play apps!

  3. Yay!!! I hope you will do Presidents vs Aliens and Mathmateer next! My kids are really missing these games since we switched to an Android. But we are so happy to have both Stack games back! Thank you!

  4. Also looking forward to buying it through Google Play! We are new to the tablet world and apps and just discovered “Stack the States”. SO fun and cute!! Can’t wait to get the countries one!

  5. Though we have all platforms, I have decided to buy all apps on Google Play only. Would be great to have it on Android sooner.

  6. My kids (17, 13, 9, & 7) LOVE stack the states! We have had it a week, and they already know where every state goes on the map and so many awesome random facts! I have a few suggestions for new apps, you know, in case you were stumped for ideas haha! What about an anatomy so they can learn the bones and organs of the body…. and maybe even systems… I’d love to see other science based apps as well! πŸ™‚ I’m totally using stack the states for homeschooling my children, so something science related would be so cool for them too! πŸ™‚ One more note….I love that my kids have no idea that they are learning with this game! They seriously were fighting over my phone until I installed it on their tablets. Thanks for being such a genius and tricking my kids into loving to learn! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Melanie! Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm for my apps! Your suggestions are very good and I will definitely keep them in mind. I’d love to do some more science apps. All the best! -Dan

  7. We are enjoying Stack the States and I came here to get your contact info so I could ask if you had plans to create a Stack the Countries app. Was I pleasantly suprised! πŸ™‚ I will purchase it as soon as it is on Google Play. Thank you for creating these apps. I will check out your site to see what else you’ve made.

  8. Nikolay Serbezov

    Hello Dan,
    I am a long time programmer (but not for android…) and want to ask a question. How difficult is to translate Stack the Countries to another language? Isn’t it in resource files in android world? I am asking this because really like this application, but also want to give it to my children, but they are not good with English. So I apply for volunteer to help translate this beautiful application to language Bulgarian, if it is possible and you are interested.

    • Hello Nikolay! Thanks for getting in touch. I actually created my own localization system to produce the different languages in Stack the Countries. It’s very involved as there is a large amount of text in the game including the names of every language spoken, all 193 country names, hundreds of cities and landmarks. I appreciate you offer to translate the game to Bulgarian, but I’m afraid, being a one-man operation, I can’t afford to spend time on this pursuit. I hope you understand. All the best. -Dan

  9. I see a lot of people asking for this on Google Play, and wa ted to thank you for making it available on Amazon. If at all possible, I do not use any Google apps or sites because of their privacy policies, so it is great to me that you are making these available on Amazon. By the way, congratulations on bekng the FAOTD.

  10. Sorry for the typos — software keyboards, argh.

  11. I’m still anxiously waiting for it to come to Google Play! Soon, I hope?

  12. Good News! Stack the Countries is now available in the Google Play store. You can find it here:

  13. I’m looking forward to Stack The Countries 2 Dan. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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