Stranger 4/100 – Abigail

100 Strangers - Abby
As I walked past the Bank of America building in downtown Charlotte, a young lady asked about the reflector I had hanging from my hip. I explained what it was used for and then quickly told her about my 100 Strangers project. I asked her if I could take her portrait and she quickly said yes.

Meet Abigail.

Since we were in harsh sunlight, I suggested we keep moving until we find some shade. Abigail was adamant that we visit a particular statue and made a big point about how much it looked like an erect penis (it actually did).

Abigail has worked in the copy center of the Fifth Third Bank building for about a year. She wants to start her own business — a web site that promotes all-natural organic products. One of her slogans is “When you’re healthy, you’re happy.”

The advice she would give her younger self is: “I would have stuck to the first thing i went to school for — Business Administration. I changed my major so many times.”

When asked what message she would put on a billboard, without hesitation, she said “Eat more plants!”

Her alternate billboard message was “Share the love”. She went on to say “So many times we’re so egotistic and we’re just all about ourselves. We all share the same emotions. What you want, I want. Just to be happy and to have love. So many times we just put people down. It’s easier to tear people down than to build them up.”

It was a pleasure to meet you Abigail and thank you for the inspiration.

Technical Notes: This photo was taken in natural light with no flash or reflectors. We were in complete shade from the building she was standing in front of. I chose a tight crop to focus the viewer on Abigail’s face.

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