Stranger 7/100 – CJ

Stranger-7-CJStranger 7/100 – CJ

When making street portraits you have good days and bad days. This was definitely a good day…

As I Walked down Tryon Street, I spotted this handsome and stylish man sitting on a bench.

Meet CJ.

CJ just arrived in Charlotte from his home in Washington DC. He’s here visiting family and friends, and so far he thinks Charlotte is very pretty. When not working he said he’s “just chilling.”

CJ is very friendly and laid back. He has a relaxed sense of confidence that permeates through the camera lens. He put up no barriers and left no distance between his face and the camera.

This project has already taught me about the power of connecting with strangers. My encounter with CJ only lasted 60 seconds, but with a simple gesture of reaching out, I was able to briefly stare into the eyes of a stranger. I was able to capture a timeless image of someone that I otherwise might have walked by without even noticing.

Thank you CJ for being part of my project.

Technical Notes: This photo was taken in natural light in a shaded area. He was somewhat backlit, but I was able to bring up his skin tones in Lightroom. I took pictures from two different angles. They both looked good, but the backgrounds weren’t very attractive. Once I saw this tight crop, I got goosebumps.

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