Stranger 11/100 – Josef

100 Strangers - JosefWhen I arrived at the Scaleybark train stop, I noticed a young man practicing skateboard tricks. He agreed to participate in my 100 Strangers project just as the PA system announced that the train would arrive in one minute. I quickly shot several pictures on the platform and we walked into the train together.

Meet Josef.

Josef has lived in Charlotte for two years now and is originally from New York. He was on his way to work at a nearby grocery store.

I asked him what he does when he’s not working. His face lit up and he said “Ah! Skateboarding bro! Like, skateboarding is my life.” Josef’s favorite skateboarder is Lizard King (whose logo appears underneath his skateboard deck), and he wants to be sponsored by Deathwish someday. He’s currently working on performing a kickflip.

When asked if it’s hard to get sponsored, he said “Yes it is, but if you can go down 16 staircases, that will get you sponsored real quick.” I didn’t get clarification on exactly what that entails, but it sounds very difficult (not to mention dangerous).

He says that Charlotte is pretty cool about skateboarders although he did get stopped while skateboarding at the Charlotte Transit Center once.

Josef got off on the next stop, so that ended our conversation. Great to meet you Josef and good luck nailing that kickflip!

Technical Notes: I didn’t feel confident about the outside shots, so I asked him for a few more inside the train before the doors opened. He produced a relaxed, serious pose, and I took several more shots. This is the last frame I shot. No flash or reflector used.

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