Stranger 34/100 – Peyton

100 Strangers - PeytonI found our next stranger sitting in The Green during the golden hour just before sunset.

Meet Peyton.

Peyton was uptown with her male companion, Sheldon, to visit Discovery Place (a local hands-on science and technology museum), but it turned out to be closed.

What do you do for fun? “I watch movies, and I hang out with my friends a lot.”

What music do you listen to? “It’s either classic rock or country.”

What advice would you give to your younger self? “Try more things maybe like branch out. I was kind of shy, so I didn’t really try a lot of stuff.”

What are your goals? “I want to go to Clemson University.”

I told her that’s where I went to college. “Really? You went to Clemson! Gosh, I love that school. Some of my family are around there, and so we’ve just always been fans of the school. My grandma has been a super-fan since the eighties. They were there when the new library was opened. I just love the campus so much.”

“I want to major in English or Communications and be an editor. I’d love to be a book editor, but that’s not very realistic so probably just a business editor.”

Where would you want to live? “If I was by myself or with a roommate or something, then, yes, big city. As soon as I got a family, I would want to move to the suburbs.”

Do you have any causes that you work for? “Well, I volunteer at Holy Angels a lot. It’s little place in Gaston County. It’s sort of like a nursing home, except it’s for kids and adults with mental disabilities.”

Thank you so much Peyton for being part of my 100 Strangers Project.

Technical Notes: Peyton was already sitting with her back to the sun, so I decided to try to capture a backlit photo. Luckily, the light bouncing off a building was bright enough so that her face was still lit up. I lowered the color temperature in Lightroom to reduce the orange cast and to introduce the cooler green tones.


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