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Block Drop now available for the iPad!

I’m very excited to announce a major update to my puzzle game, Block Drop! Block Drop is now a universal app that looks great on the iPad. It also supports all retina devices including the iPhone 5.

You can now enjoy all 6 worlds of Block Drop for only $0.99!

Block Drop

See Block Drop in the App Store:

Block Drop Lite is Released!

Block Drop Lite

After weeks and weeks of wasting away in the iTunes “Awaiting Approval” status, Block Drop Lite is finally available for the iPhone! Block Drop Lite is basically the same as the full version except you can only play the first 10 levels of the game. Also, the levels are not dynamically generated like they are in the full version.

I’m hoping the lite version will help spark sales for the full version of Block Drop. We shall see…

If you have an iPhone or and iPod Touch, please follow the link below to download Block Drop Lite now. I’d appreciate it if you could leave a positive rating and review on iTunes. Every little bit helps!

Visit Block Drop Lite on the iPhone App Store

Block Drop Now Available on the iPhone!

After two months of hard work, Block Drop for the iPhone is finally released! Now the real work starts… marketing the game.

Block Drop is an addictive puzzle game featuring 3D graphics and dynamically generated music. The object of the game is to remove all of the blocks on the screen by jumping off of them and finishing on the checkered flag. Don’t jump in the water!

The web version of Block Drop goes on forever, but I had to limit the iPhone version to “just” 999 levels. The iPhone contains all of the same elements of the web version including random levels, dynamically generated music, survival levels, show solution and more.

If you enjoyed playing Block Drop on the web, you’ll love it on the iPhone!

See Block Drop on the iPhone App Store

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“Block Drop is one of the most entertaining games that I have tested so far. … All in all, if you are into addictive puzzle games that could keep you going for hours, you are going to love Block Drop.”
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“Developer Dan Russell-Pinson did a masterful job creating a game that is both simple and sophisticated…”

“Not only are the graphics stunning on the 999 levels, but the computer generated sound score is very relaxing and, unexpectedly to me, really adds a lot to the game.”
1st Impressions

“You can easily lose yourself in the game for an hour or more without realizing it. … Block Drop is a 5-Dimple must-have.”

“Right now if I had to make a sure bet on a puzzle game in the App Store, it would have to be Block Drop developed by Dan Russell Pinson.”
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“Block Drop: Replay Value At Its’ Highest”
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Block Drop Is Released

I am happy to announce the release of my latest game, Block Drop!

I wanted to do something different than Tipping Point, so I chose a more simple puzzle game. In the game, you control a gem that jumps around different 3D block formations. Your goal is to remove all of the blocks by jumping off each one leaving only the checkered block behind. The game starts off easy, but very soon becomes challenging because each successive level has bigger and bigger block formations.

Block Drop has a very relaxing atmosphere created by ever-changing sky images and ambient music. All of music in Block Drop is dynamically generated on the fly, so you’ll never hear the same music twice. I wrote a little more about the music of Block Drop here: The Music of Block Drop.

In addition to the music, all of the block formations are also randomly generated so no two games of Block Drop will ever be the same. Because the levels are dynamically generated, the game can go on “forever” or until the block formations get so big that they crash your computer.

Play Block Drop now by clicking the link below:

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