Tipping Point Chapter Three Is Released!

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Set in a lush jungle environment, chapter three contains more puzzles and mysteries to figure out. During this time, you also meet Tommy who summoned you on the adventure at the beginning of the game. Learn more about why you were brought to the island and what you have to do next.

Chapter 3 features original music, dialogue, many more puzzles than chapter 2 and even an Easter Egg.

After only 44 hours of being released, the game has been loaded 48,794 times and has been completed almost 4,000 times.

So far, I received emails from Canada, Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Poland, Japan, Austria and China.

Try it yourself:


Here are some links to a few of the web sites that are talking about Tipping Point:


Tipping Point 3, a set on Flickr.

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