Tipping Point 4 Is Released!

Teleport RoomAbandoned ShackUnderwaterSwitchboxCh4SS4Statue
Father's Office

After months of work and a couple more looking for a sponsor, I’m happy to say that Tipping Point 4 is finally completed and available to play online.

Featuring 28 photo-realistic screens, 110 individual sound effects and 4 original songs, chapter 4 is by far the longest installment of the series. While you explore the environment and solve the puzzles you encounter, the storyline unfolds further including an unfortunate meeting with Tommy’s Father.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

Play Tipping Point 4 now by clicking on the link below:


Tipping Point 4, a set on Flickr.

17 responses to “Tipping Point 4 Is Released!

  1. Thank you so much I can’t wait for part 5. If you need coders or artists, I would be happy to contact my brother who is going to digipen. (i obviously know other people who can help though)

  2. What happened to the Tipping Point project? I’ve just played the first 4 and was eager for the next chapter, but… nothing. 😦

  3. I should add that I am a longtime adventure game fan (Myst, Syberia, TLJ etc.) and I really enjoyed them; some of the puzzles were quite challenging and the storyline was original. This series definitely had the potential for expansion into a full length adventure game, and if you should ever release one I would certainly buy it.

  4. Thanks for your comments and for your interest in Tipping Point! I had to suspend work on Tipping Point mainly due to financial reasons. I’ve since been able to make a living creating educational iPhone apps. I am committed to completing the series with a final chapter, but I’m not sure exactly when that will happen. I’m not ruling out 2012… we’ll just have to see. -Dan

  5. Is there part 5 I want it so badly please!!!

  6. Please don’t stop tipping point I want it forever LIVING. If you know what I mean. Please!!

  7. Every month for the past 3 YEARS I have been checking for a new installment. Please don’t let such an amazing creation die!

  8. Oh wow, after ages I rediscovered your TIpping Point game. And after getting hit by Tommy’s father and left there with a bad headache it would be awesome if the story would go on… really! This kind of puzzle games are awesome, and yours is really rich with fantasy and tricky puzzles to crack. It is nice to hear that you at least plan to continue this!

  9. Please work on Tipping Point 5 as soon as poss. We love it. It’s one of the best adventure games I’ve ever played, so atmospheric it’s (un)real ! And of course we want Tommy to get better !!!!!!

  10. I can only repeat what all the others are saying – great great game! Really looking forward to ch. 5 🙂

  11. John StineJohn Stine

    please make chapter 5 I love this game so much and so does everybody else, you’ve created an amazing game and you know it.

  12. Hey Dude,
    The Tipping Point adventure game series is Kelvin Cool.
    Are there going to be more like chapter 5-6?
    There are no other games like it that I have found on the web.
    It’s really great!
    Super realistic non-cartoony graphics, no shoot em up, no blood and guts, no evil monsters, no getting killed every 5 seconds, no mind twisting puzzles.
    Its just play along, explore, and have Super Fun.
    Thanks for the adventures.
    I would be a buying customer if you needed to sell future capters.
    (I bought and thoroughly enjoy Machinarium.)
    PS. Wish I could have done more fishing in chapter 4 after I had snagged that metal container !! (B-)
    Ajax One

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