Collider for the iPhone is Released!

After two months of intense development, Collider for the iPhone is finally released!

Collider first hit the scene as a Flash game in April, 2009. I started learning iPhone development soon after and released a port of my Flash game Block Drop followed by Furballs!. I’m glad I waited a while to port Collider because I needed everything I learned from the first two projects to even think about creating a game this complicated.

The iPhone version features updated graphics including brighter, more colorful background images. I was also able to preserve the dynamically generated music so each level has a different musical composition. Collider for the iPhone also features a much requested new feature, a fast-forward button, as well as an “auto-save” feature that allows you to quit the game at any time and resume playing right where you left off.

Download Collider Now!
Collider the Game on iTunes

Gameplay Video

About Collider
Collider is an addictive, physics-based iPhone game featuring 56 intricate levels of play and dynamically generated music. Your goal is to destroy all of the positive and negative particle balls. Simply drag the particle balls where you want, press play and watch them come to life! Navigate them through pipes, gears, sensors, bombs, springboards, pendulums, seesaws and more to make them collide.

Collider Reviews:
Collider the Game is definitely a nice physics puzzler with some great level design that is both challenging and rewarding.
– TouchGen

Collider Is Physics-Puzzling Paradise
– AppSmile

Enjoy hours of fun with this unique puzzle game!
– AppShouter

The graphics are surpurb, the physics life-like, and the dynamically generated music really combine to produce a game well worth the $0.99 price tag
– 1st Impressions

It has great original graphics, it’s casual, easy to access and play, but also features some hardcore levels that are really hard to beat!
– ProjectNext

I really liked it. I thought it was a great, fun game.
– iPhoneSlutz


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