Stack the Countries for Windows Phone!

My world geography app, Stack the Countries, is now available for Windows Phone!  It contains all of the same gameplay, graphics and features of the iPhone version.  It’s currently selling for $1.99.

See Stack the Countries in the Windows Phone Marketplace:

8 responses to “Stack the Countries for Windows Phone!

  1. Is there a chance this will be available for windows computer use like your Stack the States??

  2. Hi! .
    One son recently finished the North American continent, but Greenland wasn’t labeled as a country. Any plans to update that?
    We love your apps – thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question. Greenland is an autonomous country within the kingdom of Denmark. So, while it’s in close proximity to North America, I don’t make it selectable on the North America screen. It will however light up if/when you earn Denmark as a country. I hope this helps and I’m very pleased that you are enjoying my apps! -Dan

  3. Hi, any chance for both Stack the States and Stack the Countries to be available for Android? Thanks!

  4. Bethany Luck-Hutson

    Any update as to when this will be available for Android? My kids & I loved this on my iPad, but now we have an Android

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