Stack the States for Windows!

I’m very happy to announce that Stack the States is now available for Windows through Intel’s AppUp center.  It contains all of the features of the iPhone/iPad version and currently sells for only $0.99.  Buy it now from AppUp.

45 responses to “Stack the States for Windows!

  1. Please make one available for my Kindle…I dont have ipad money:(

  2. Thanks so much! Please do ‘Presidents vs. Aliens’ too.

  3. I was wondering if you would ever have a version of this for Android phones. My son came home from school begging me to put it on my phone, but I don’t have an iPhone or Windows Phone. Any information is greatly appreciated.

  4. How about making a game called ” Stack the Continents”. ?? Tell me if you are into this idea or not.

  5. I’d also really love to see something with other countries of the world…maybe the continents idea, but you choose our continent and learn the countries on that Continents. Maybe continents such as Australia grouped with something else. I don’t know, but I’d love it.

    • Hello Jill, just to make sure that you know, I do have an app called “Stack the Countries” which does something similar to what you’re suggesting. Have a look here if you’re interested: Thanks! -Dan

  6. All 3 of my kids love this game! My son has a Kindle Fire and is so disapointed that he is unable to play Stack the States on it. Any chance this is coming in the furture?

    • I’m still on the sidelines with respect to android. Perhaps one day I’ll take the plunge, but I’m not sure when.

      • This app inspired my 4 year old to learn how to read before starting preK. It is his favorite game. Please consider making it available for android. He has a Nabi tablet and would love to be able to play this game. I would love to keep him off my ipad!

      • Hello Margaret, I’m very pleased to hear that Stack the States has motivated your daughter to learn to read earlier. Demand for an android version has been picking up, so I will definitely take your suggestion seriously. All the best, Dan

  7. Dan,
    This is by far the best educational game I have seen and used. My almost 6 year old daughter is so addicted, she is on it 2-4 hours a day. She has learned shapes, Abbreviations, Capitols, locations, flags in less than 10 days. She is a pro now. I tout this game to friends and family. I am a web devloper myself so I understand what you have done is amazing. Even I learned a lot myself never having really attempted to learn shapes and locations. I also have stack the countries which is great.
    Thank you!
    Manoj Joshi

  8. Dan, Just another potential customer hoping that you’ll port these apps to Android. I currently have it on my iPhone and my 3 year old really likes it, but I’m moving to Android very soon. I think you’d be surprised at how well this would sell in the Google Play market.



  9. We won’t buy the kindle fire if it means we can’t have stack the states… ???

  10. Elizabeth Sutton

    My 7 years old daughter is almost addicted to Stack the States. Santa brought her a Kindle Fire HD and …we can’t download it. Any helpful suggestions ???? Thanks

  11. My kids have a kindle fire he and are hoping for stack the states

  12. Would love to get Stack the States on android!! My sons friend LOVES this game and I would like to get it! My son is now begging for it! I hope it will be available soon since we are all android. It is amazing that my friends 6 year old knows his states already because of this app! Way to go!

  13. My daughter is still awaiting the Kindle version. I am sad by the fact we cannot provide this for her. I see you are on the sidelines but am curious to know why you have not taken the plunge yet. There are so many passionate children that want this game and if it can help them educationally then that would be great and why would you hold back? Hope it comes soon!!! Would love it for my daughter!!!

    • Hi JS, I am currently working on a platform-independent version of Stack the States as we speak. I plan to create a Kindle version first and then expand to the other android devices. Hoping to release by the end of the summer!

  14. Dan – Android devices have surpassed i-devices. You are missing the big picture by not offering an Android version.

  15. Can’t wait for the end of summer: (1) kids back in school; (2) Kindle version of stack the states!! 🙂

  16. Cannot wait for it to be available on the Kindle… You can do it Dan!

    • Thanks Janna! It’s coming along very nicely. I just obtained a 7″ Kindle Fire HD that I’ll be using to test with. Hoping to be ready to submit it to Amazon in a month or so…

      • By chance will you be doing stack the countries also? My kid keeps bugging me to get it on my ipad but we are giving him the kindle fire hd for his bday the end of this month so I was going to wait to buy it.

      • Hi Janna. Yes, I do plan to port Stack the Countries too. It would probably be released a month or two after Stack the States.

  17. Stack the States is now available for android! See it in the Amazon App Store here:

  18. The link takes me to an error… is the windows version no longer available?? I want to buy copies of it for my sons classroom computers!

  19. I bought Stack the States for android last night and I totally love it! I wanted to get the windows version, but the link results in “Page not Found.” Is Stack the States still available for Windows?

  20. Dan,
    I’m beginning in a tutoring program for kids at a low income school; One of the programs suggested to have is Stack the States; however, I only have a laptop with Windows 7. I am using Blue Stacks to run android apps on my PC; however, Stack the States doesn’t work on that as it opens a black screen in vertical 9×16 mode; then switches to horizontal 9×16 mode; then closes. Is there either another place to download the app or is it fixable on Blue Stacks (I realize it may be that program’s issue, but it does run Raz Kids, Math Slicer and some other programs that I am using).
    Thanks, Gary

    • Hi Gary. Thanks for your note and for your interest in using Stack the Countries for your tutoring program. Stack the Countries used to be available for XP/7 in the Intel AppUp store, but that store has since closed down. I don’t have any immediate plans to create a Windows 7 version, but could reconsider based on demand. I’m not familiar with Blue Stacks or running android apps on a PC. Right now, the only Windows version of the app is for Windows 8 available in the Windows App Store. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. All the best. -Dan

      • Hey Dan, A strange thing happened after you responded, the app now opens and works in BlueStacks. I did notice that several people had similar issues with apps in that program so I guess it may have gotten fixed. Thanks for your quick response. Gary

  21. I’m having the same problem as Gary Pachal with Blue Stacks running Stack the States–it opens a black screen in vertical 9×16 mode; then switches to horizontal 9×16 mode; then closes. Like Gary my other applications work without any problem. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jane. As I mentioned to Gary, I don’t really know enough about Blue Stacks to help you with the issue. Based on feedback, Stack the States runs just fine on android devices, so I would think the issue would be with Blue Stacks not emulating correctly. Sorry I can’t be of more help! -Dan

  22. Hi Gary. Glad to hear that the problem has cleared up on its own…

  23. Are there offline versions of your awesome games available for PCs (windows or mac or linux)?

  24. I want to put it on my Windows 10 laptop. When I click on the buy it, All I get is an error message. Where and how can I buy it for my laptop computer/tablet?

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