Stack the States 2!


I’m very happy to announce that Stack the States 2 is now available for iOS and Android!  Believe it or not, Stack the States is over five years old and I’m excited to bring it up to date with this new version.  Stack the States 2 embraces everything that made the original special but with additional questions types, new bonus games, voice mode and beautiful 3D graphics.

The main stacking game is even more fun with new question types and 10 brand new 3D scenes depicting different US locations.  The new scenes feature animations, birds, reflective water and realistic sound effects.

One of the biggest improvements is the new interactive map of the United States.  Tap on any state to zoom in for a closer look.

For each state, you can see its major cities, landmarks and even a 3D elevation.  There are over 90 different 3D models of popular US landmarks!

One of the new bonus games, Capital Tap, tests your knowledge of state  capitals including their location.  You get 2 points for choosing the correct capital on the first try and 1 point for the second try.  You can earn 2 more points for tapping the exact location of the capital or 1 point for being close.  You receive 1 strike for any incorrect answer and the game ends when you receive 3 strikes.

The other new bonus game is called Connect 2.  Here you are given two states and you have to move them around so that they connect together as they would on a map.  Your goal is to connect as many states as possible in 60 seconds.

One of the most popular bonus games from the original Stack the States is Map It which has been updated for Stack the States 2.  Now it’s better than ever.

What’s new in Stack the States® 2:
– New question types
– New bonus games: Connect 2 and Capital Tap
– New voice mode that helps non-readers play independently
– Brand new interactive map featuring major cities and a 3D elevation view of each state
– Beautiful 3D graphics
– 10 different 3D scenes depicting various locations in the US
– 3D models of over 90 US landmarks

Plus, all the great features that you loved from the original Stack the States®:
– 50 flash cards — one for each state
– Hundreds of unique questions
– Up to six player profiles
– A personalized map of the US
– Fun sound effects and music
– Works on both iPhone and iPad – a universal app

Stack the States 2 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the App Store:
iOS App Store

Stack the States 2 is also available for Android phones and tablets in the Amazon Appstore:
Amazon AppStore


24 responses to “Stack the States 2!

  1. Hi, Dan! My wife and I are BIG fans of both Stack the States and Stack the States 2.. however, we noticed one of your questions is wrong! 😧 The question asked “Which state has a city named Florence” Kentucky and Alabama were both choices and they both have a city called Florence in them! Just wanted to help! Thanks! Great app!!

    • Hi Kumee. Thanks for your comment and for bringing this to my attention. Did this issue occur in the original Stack the States or in Stack the States 2?

    • Yeah.. Most states have the same city name. My son just missed that Anderson… Your answer was SC. Google says there is an Anderson Ohio with a pop of 43,000; Anderson South Carolina with 27,000; Anderson Alaska with 250. Same for Georgetown. What is the criteria for your city in x state?

      • Hello Mike! Thanks for playing Stack the States 2 and for providing this feedback. My system uses fairly detailed city lists for each state and attempts to negative match against these lists so that there is only one correct answer. I will double-check Anderson and Georgetown to make sure they’re coded correctly. Thanks! -Dan

  2. Will this be available in the Google Play store anytime soon?

  3. Will this be available anytime soon in the Google Play store?

  4. My kids love this app & I think it is great!! One question, should Carlsbad Canyon be Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico landmark)?

    • Hello! Thanks for playing Stack the States 2. Yes, I’m embarrassed to say that this is a typo in the game. It should read “Carlsbad Caverns” (not canyons). This will be fixed in the next update which should be in early June. Thanks again! -Dan

  5. How do I find it on the play store?

  6. Hi Dan! Our family loves your apps and I particularly love Stack the States 2 because of the voice mode. My 2 and 4 year old non readers can identify all of the states because of this. Do you have any plans to add voice mode to Stack the Countries and/or Presidents vs. Aliens? Thank you!

    • Hi Nancy. Thanks for your note. I’m very pleased to hear that you are enjoying Stack the States 2. To answer your question: I don’t have any immediate plans to add the same features to my other apps (but I’m not ruling it out). I hope this helps! -Dan

  7. My daughter LOVES Stack the States 1 and 2! She has been playing both for weeks. She is devastated because she has to switch android devices and we can’t find a way to take her progress to her new device. Is there a way? Thanks

  8. Are all the questions different in Stack the States 2 or do they repeat questions in the games? I’m trying to decide whether to purchase the Stayes 2 because I already own the first game. Thank you!

    • Hi Jeanne. Thanks for your note. Stack the States 2 contains all of the question from Stack the States and adds several new ones including a new question category. It also has a cool new 3D interactive map with landmarks. I hope this helps! -Dan

  9. Hi Dan! Where’s Stack the Countries 2

  10. Hello Dan! I have some Ideas for future Stack the ____ Games!
    First, I’ve already saw that you may or may not be Stack the Countries 2, which I’m glad that even after all this time you haven’t ruled out a sequel being a possibility.
    One idea for a future game would be Stack the Providences and Territories/Stack the Canadian Providences. I love Canadian geography and it would be neat to see, although there aren’t many Providences or Territories.
    Another idea would be kind of different, and that would be “Stack the Islands”
    , where you stack islands [ Greenland, Java, Cuba, etc. ] although you would most likely have to put a size limit i.e. no islands under 200 square miles or something like that.
    Some other ideas include: Stack the Deserts, Stack the Oceans, Stack the Lakes, and finally, something that would be neat but take a LONG time to make would be Stack the Counties [i.e. stack every county in the usa] it would be neat to see that but i think it would be crazy hard to find questions for it and even harder to put all of them in.

    If you like my ideas, all I ask is to be credited by the name “OKobern”.
    If you don’t, that’s ok, they’re just ideas after-all. I hope you continue to make fun and interesting games! Thank you for reading!

  11. My grandkids love this game. It would be awesome if the players game status would carry from one device to another. The boys use a couple of different devices, but their progress is only saved locally.

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