Stranger 20/100 – Cash

100 Strangers - CashI was in a bit of a hurry to leave uptown when I spotted this guy. Of course I had to approach him for a portrait.

Meet Cash.

Cash was hanging outside of Prohibition, a local bar, and was there to interview for a barback (bartender’s assistant) position.

What advice would you give to your younger self? “Always believe. Don’t give up. Forget what everybody’s saying around them, just focus on the main goal.”

Speaking of goals… “I’m a music artist as well. I do music, and I engineer music. It’s like goth and trap at the same time. I push it together so it’s like rock music but like trap music at once.”

“It’s crazy. It’s a bunch of folks out here. We just gettin’ it. I got a couple people that I do music with, and they got their own thing. They’re blowing up like crazy. They went to LA.”

“I hit 9k on YouTube off my music video, and I hit like 23k on SoundCloud. It’s crazy.”

“My inspiration is really New York. I’m originally from New Jersey and stuff. I’m always going back and forth now… just connecting and stuff. I’m really trying to get to LA… that’s where I really want to go. There’s a lot of cool people out there.”

“Charlotte is coming up. I like Charlotte… it’s really chill. It’s a cool city to get your mind right.”

It was great to meet you Cash and thank you for being part of 100 Strangers.

Technical Notes: Conditions were perfect right where I found Cash. There was soft, indirect light and a dark doorway behind him that made for an excellent backdrop.

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