Stranger 21/100 – Ming Fouts

100 Strangers - Ming Fouts“I play metal music for Christ…”

Meet Ming Fouts.

Ming Fouts is a drummer who was born in Scotland and has lived in Charlotte since 2009.

Is Ming Fouts your stage name? “It’s just my character. So, imagine me I’m from Scotland with a kilt and some kind of big sombrero. The first track is called ‘Meds of Not’ about the pharmaceutical medicines that are so evil and so sadistic, and it’s poisoning our people.”

“I play metal music for Christ… bone crushing… like Hatebreed meets Slipknot meets Jesus Christ not smoking crack. I’m the Holy Ghost within dude. I’m just a human… half angel, half human.”

“The devil has no power. He is a spirit being that is bound by time and space. He’s running out of time cool dude. That’s the truth. Jesus is love. God is love. And mercy always triumphs over judgment. So I’m just going to sit over here and hope that somebody buys me a hot dog.”

Technical Notes: After only a few shots, I asked for a different pose and he said, “No, that’s good.” The lighting wasn’t very good, so I had to do some extreme editing in Lightroom to get this final image.

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