Stranger 57/100 – Dennis

100 Strangers - DennisWhat advice would you give to your younger self? “To not get in the trouble I got into after I left the military.”

Meet Dennis.

Dennis is originally from Louisiana and graduated from high school at the age of 16. He later enlisted for Vietnam and served there from 1973 to 1975. He left Vietnam just months before the fall of Saigon. The pin on the front of his hat is a parachutist badge.

After getting out of the military, Dennis was convicted of assault and spent many years in prison.

Dennis now calls Las Vegas home. His first goal is to move into a bigger house. Then he plans to invest in some real estate to earn some rental income. He also has plans to buy houses to fix up and resell.

Technical Notes: The left side of Dennis’ face was lit from above by light reflecting off a nearby building. I used a reflector to bounce some light to the right side of his face.

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