Stranger 61/100 – Grazia

100 Strangers - Grazia“I walk all the time. I work. I write. I do many things, and I’m 80.”

Meet Grazia.

What advice would you give to your younger self? “The mind… take care of your mind. The mind is the most important.”

I detect an accent… “”I’m originally from Italy, but I left 55 years ago. I’ve lived all around the world in US American bases…”

Grazia suddenly started screaming as she saw a friend of hers walk by. Her friend explained that he also met Grazia around a camera. He said that she was trying unsuccessfully to take a picture, so he took the picture on his camera, emailed it to her and they’ve been friends ever since.

What made you leave Italy? “I got a Fulbright Fellowship (Biology).”

How would your friends describe you? “Crazy.”

What are your goals? “To have a happy life because happiness is so important. And I do have a purpose, and my purpose is uplifting people, and so on my web site I have a lot of uplifting stories because there’s quite a bit of negativity.”

Technical Notes: We were in dark shade, so we moved to a brighter area which turned out to be pretty harsh. However, I think the warm, colorful look matched Grazia’s personality nicely.

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