Stranger 81/100 – Quamekia

100 Strangers - QuamekiaStranger 81/100 – Quamekia

“Be careful with me.”

Meet Quamekia.

What advice would you give to your younger self? “Oh my god! The advice I would give to my younger self is to stay out of trouble. Because, once you get into it, it’s very hard for people to look at you differently.”

What is your biggest challenge right now? “My biggest challenge is, as a Leo, we’re emotional people and, when it’s driven for a positive thing, it’s a really great thing. But, when we’re angry, it’s a really bad thing.”

It’s a double-edged sword…. “Right, we run off of emotion, and typically it’s never good to run off emotions. My biggest challenge is where I’m investing my energy into whether it’s positive or negative. I’m challenged with that because I’m an emotional person, so my heart is always giving, my heart is always pure, but other people’s aren’t.”

Where do you want to be in five or ten years? “PTA president of my kids school. Working a job that isn’t so strenuous on me. Always having dinner done by 6pm… no later than that. In a nice house with really, really green grass and a lot of yard so my kids can play safely. And a better grip on how I invest my emotions.”

If you could put a billboard up in Charlotte, what would it say? “Be careful with me. {laughs} Have you ever listened to the new Cardi B track ‘Be Careful’? That is what I would say if I had the opportunity to put a billboard up for myself.”

How would your friends describe you? “Fierce. Strong.”

Technical Notes: We were under a shady tree in front of a church. I used a small reflector to light up Quamekia’s face.

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