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Presidents vs. Aliens now available for android!

PVA100 Presidents vs. Aliens is now available for android through Amazon! It features the full presidents game, 2 bonus games and flashcards for each president. I hope you enjoy it and please tell your friends!

See it now in the Amazon Appstore:

Presidents vs. Aliens!

Presidents vs. Aliens IconI’m very excited to announce the release of Presidents vs. Aliens!I received several requests to make a game about the US presidents… so I did! Presidents vs. Aliens focuses on basic presidential facts such as nicknames, quotes, dates in office, political Party, predecessors and successors, historical events and more. You can use the 44 president flash cards to refresh your knowledge of the presidents or jump right in and start playing. For every level you complete in the game, you earn a randomly chosen president. You can always view the presidents you’ve earned on your own customized presidents screen.There are two bonus games included with Presidents vs. Aliens: Heads of State and Executive Order. Heads of State shows pictures of the presidents floating in space and it’s up to you to correctly identify them. Executive Order randomizes the presidents and your goal is to arrange them in the correct chronological order.You can adjust the difficulty of the game by choosing which types of questions you’re asked. Young children can start by focusing on identifying the presidents from their pictures. Older children and adults can dive deeper into historical events, political parties and more.Presidents vs. Aliens Features:
▸ Hundreds of unique questions
▸ 44 flash cards — one for each president!
▸ Collect all 44 presidents and track your progress on a personalized screen
▸ Earn FREE bonus games: Heads of State! and Executive Order!
▸ Works on both iPhone and iPad – a universal app
▸ Create up to five player profiles
▸ Choose any of the presidents as your avatar
▸ High resolution pictures of famous presidential landmarks
▸ All games are powered by a realistic physics engine
▸ Fun sound effects and music
▸ iPhone 4 Retina Display supportSee Presidents vs. Aliens in iTunes:

Watch the promo video: