Presidents vs. Aliens now available for android!

PVA100 Presidents vs. Aliens is now available for android through Amazon! It features the full presidents game, 2 bonus games and flashcards for each president. I hope you enjoy it and please tell your friends!

See it now in the Amazon Appstore:

8 responses to “Presidents vs. Aliens now available for android!

  1. How do you delete or edit player names entered incorrectly?

    • Hi Julian! Here’s how you delete a player profile from Presidents vs. Aliens:
      1) From the main menu, tap the [i] button in the lower, right corner
      2) Then, from the credits screen, tap the Settings button
      3) Next, from the Settings screen, tap the Edit Players button
      4) Now, just tap the player profile you wish to delete and then tap Yes to confirm.

      I hope this helps!

  2. My son and I love this game. However, there seems to be a glitch. Whenever we hit one of the “ovals” that generates more aliens with the alien infection we cannot finish the game and have to start over. The aliens just keep pouring out of the oval. I’ve waited 5 minutes before just to see if it would stop, but it doesn’t. That’s very frustrating when you’ve worked so hard to reach the level, then have to just exit out and start over. Can anything be done to stop the alien infection?

    • Hello Lisa! Thanks so much for your note and for introducing Presidents vs Aliens to your family. I just discovered this bug recently and posted an update to fix it yesterday. The latest update (Version 1.2) fixes this issue and can be downloaded now from either Amazon or Google Play. By the way, this issue only occurs when the player has earned a very large number of presidents, so I should also say “Congratulations!” to your son for doing so well in the game. 😉 All the best.

  3. My daughter loves this game! I had placed the app icon under ‘education’, and she told me to move it out of there and into ‘games’. No way was it boring education! We were walking around Barnes and Noble today, and she was just calling off presidents on book covers…oh look, Nixon, look the Peanut President Carter… it was amazing. Thank you so much for creating such a clever and fun app!

    • Hi Rosemary! Wow, thanks so much for letting me know how much your daughter has enjoyed Presidents vs. Aliens! It makes me very happy to hear that she’s learned so much from my app. All the best! -Dan

  4. Please correct the error about Lincoln’s party. He was Republican or National Union Party. Johnson was a Democrat, but was the Vice President. Love the game, but am hoping that history is not being changed because of political preferences. Thanks!

    • Hello, Cheryl. Thanks for your note. I just checked the most recent version of the game, and Lincoln is correctly listed as Republican and National Union party. Andrew Johnson is also listed correctly based on my research as a Democrat and National Union party. Is this not showing correctly on your version of the game? -Dan

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