Game Designer Humiliates Himself in Desperate Plea for iPhone Success

Charlotte, North Carolina – Game developer Dan Russell-Pinson resorts to begging iPhone game reviewers to give him publicity, defacing famous works of art and making juvenile jokes about balls in order to promote his new physics-based iPhone game called Collider, due to be released by the end of January, 2010.

“It’s pretty sad” says a close friend who didn’t want to use his real name. “He used to have so much self-respect and confidence, but the drive to push Collider into the Top 100 of the Apple AppStore has made him… regress”.

His slide into immaturity was evidenced when he released a promotional video for Collider (see link below) which depicts well-known works of art shamelessly defaced to include the positive and negative particle balls from the game. As if that wasn’t enough, Russell-Pinson is also using the tagline “Do you have the balls?” as part of the promotion.

“Did he have to go there? I mean really…” says another close friend who also refused to give their real name. “Is he still in Middle School or something?”

To make matters words, the game designer has also been witnessed practically groveling to any and all iPhone game reviewers who will listen to him in a desperate attempt to gain pre-release publicity for Collider.

Concerned friends and family, currently planning an intervention, released this statement to all members of the media: “We’re simply asking that all iPhone game reviewers please just give Collider a little attention, maybe a small blog post, something… anything!”. When asked what could happen if Collider isn’t successful, they said “I don’t know… He might do something desperate like make a sequel to Furballs or worse, create more videos…”.

About Collider:
Collider is an addictive, physics-based iPhone game featuring 56 intricate levels of play and dynamically generated music. The goal is to destroy all of the positive and negative particle balls on the screen by making them collide together. An auto-save feature automatically saves your progress so you can suspend the game and continue playing where you left off at a later time.

Collider Features:
* 56 unique and challenging levels
* Computer generated music that adjusts to your gameplay
* Option to play your own music
* Special rewind and fast-forward controls
* Auto-save automatically saves your progress
* In-game tutorial
* Hours of gameplay

Collider Web Site
Promotional Video
Collider Through the Ages

Dan Russell-Pinson has been independently creating online flash games since 2007. His best known titles are Tipping Point, Block Drop and Collider which can be seen on hundreds of web sites across the Internet. In 2009, Dan moved into the iPhone arena with a port of his popular game Block Drop followed by his second title Furballs! and is currently promoting his third iPhone game Collider. Copyright (C) 2010 Dan Russell-Pinson. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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