Local Mom Sees Image of ‘Collider Balls’ On Toast

Charlotte, NC – Local Mom, Margaret Johnson, always believed that she was destined for some greater purpose. She just didn’t think her higher calling would come from a piece of toast.

During a routine morning of making breakfast for her two children before school, Margaret practically jumped through the ceiling when the toaster popped up and revealed two strange ball shapes burned right on the toast. Knowing that her life was forever changed, she quickly parked her kids in front of the TV and after five hours of non-stop web surfing, Margaret finally discovered the balls came from an iPhone game called ‘Collider’.

Quickly pulling out her iPhone and searching the App Store, Margaret was shocked to discover that Collider would not be released until the end of the month. Then things got weird.

“She just keeps searching the App Store over and over for Collider” said her oldest daughter Kimberly. “It’s like she’s possessed…”

“Hungry… so very… hungry…” added Timothy, the youngest child, who hadn’t eaten since dinner the night before.

Margaret was completely unresponsive until her daughter loaded some Collider screenshots onto the iPhone. “Now she’s just randomly tapping the screen trying to play Collider! But… at least it’s an improvement…”

Margaret’s husband finally returned home from work and took control of the situation. Through the local press, he made a short statement to the developer of Collider. “Please, for the love of God, release Collider as soon as possible and help save my wife!”.

Dan Russell-Pinson, author of Collider, said that he was sympathetic to their plight, but explained that he was still in the process of, as he put it, “creating buzz” for the game and that the process couldn’t be rushed. Russell-Pinson then added “Some people just don’t understand marketing…”

Collider Web Site
Promotional Video
Collider Through the Ages

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