Tipping Point series completed with new chapter 5!

TPIcon150 After many years in limbo, my Tipping Point adventure game series is finally completed with a new release for iPad!

The Tipping Point project began in 2007 as an online Flash game, and, over the course of a year, the first 4 chapters of the game were released one at a time.  When the economy took a hit, I sadly had to put the project on the back burner.  Even four years later, I still received emails from players asking when/if the series would continue.


The full version of Tipping Point for iPad includes all 5 chapters of the game as well as an epilogue.  All of the graphics have been enhanced for the new platform and look better than ever.  Some of the puzzles have been modified to make them feel more natural on the touch screen.  One notable feature in the new version is a built-in hint system that gives you a nudge in the right direction whenever you get stuck.  You can also save the game progress for up to five players on the same device.


The new chapter 5 really propels the story forward by adding new plot twists and providing a satisfying resolution to the mystery.  We finally meet Tommy’s father and learn the secrets he’s been hiding.  An unexpected glitch in their teleportation technology summons something from out of this world and, suddenly, you find yourself at the center of the discovery that changes everything.


Tipping Point Features:
▸ 5 Chapters full of fun and challenging puzzles
▸ An in-game hint system so you’ll never get stuck
▸ An engaging storyline and realistic characters
▸ 55 photorealistic screens
▸ Almost 400 unique sound effects
▸ 12 Original music compositions
▸ Easy single-finger controls
▸ Ability to save your game progress
▸ Ability to create up to 5 player profiles

For more information, visit the Tipping Point web site:

Watch the promo video below:


38 responses to “Tipping Point series completed with new chapter 5!

  1. When will you release the game for android? Or simply for the computer like the 4 games before? I don’t have an ipad or anything from apple so I’m a bit disappointed.. 😦

  2. PLEASE release Chapter 5 for PC like you did the first four!!! I can’t wait to finish the game. I’ll start over from the beginning to enjoy it all again. Loved this game!

  3. Dan, I really enjoy the game, but I see there is no chapter 5 for the PC. I hope it does come out and will be supported by Windows XP. In fact, I would really like to buy the entire series for the PC. I’m looking foward to replaying the first 4 chapters plus chapter 5! We’ve been waiting a long time, but it’s worth the wait for such a well-done game.

    • Hello Willa! Thanks for your note and for your interest in Tipping Point. I do plan to release a PC version (probably Windows 8) at some point in time. I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but I do plan to make it happen. I hope this helps! -Dan

  4. Hey there. Love your game. But I’m seriously stuck on the orange and blue dot guys at the beginning of Paris. I do what the in-game hint says (as well as your further hint in a reply to someone else who was having problems with this). I see the progression you speak of, but it all just goes back the the way it was at the end. I’ve tried dozens of times. Any further suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Steve. The main thing to remember is to tap and _hold_ the appropriate button while the corresponding character is on the screen. Make sure you hold the button down the whole time (or as much of the time) as the character is on screen. You should see a progression of 1-10 on the tv monitors. I hope this helps! -Dan

  5. Hi Dan!
    Im a big fan of ur game n i play it since i 2007 i guess.
    I really want to play the final chapter but i just have iphone or windows 8.
    Pls, remember ur fans n release it at least on windows store or androide.
    Ty 😀

    • Hi Tamara! Thanks for your note and for playing Tipping Point. I’ve recently been learning android and Windows 8 development, so I should be able to port Tipping Point to both at some point in time. Not sure when though. Stay tuned! -Dan

  6. hello Dan! I just want to say that I’ve played Tipping Point 1-4 for many times already and it is still a super exciting game I would love to continue. I really hope that the 5th version do go online because as a mystery and adventure lover, i’ll be waiting to play it. 🙂 Thanks for creating an awesome game!

    • Hi Emily! Thanks for your note. It makes me very happy that you have enjoyed Tipping Point so much. I’m actually working on it right now to make it available for Android and Windows 8. I hope you are able to play Chapter 5 on one of those platforms. Stay tuned… -Dan

  7. Love this game ! But I’m stuck on the last airlock puzzle, big time. No matter what I do, the key keeps falling off the bottom of the screen. I can only get the yellow & green keys. Help? Thanks in advance:-) (playing on Kindle Fire)

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for your note and for playing Tipping Point. I’m not sure how you have the puzzle configured, but here’s the solution I use:



      If you’re ready to give up, try the solution above and let me know if it works for you. All the best! -Dan

  8. Hi Dan, me and my siblings have been big fans of this game since 2007 and we’ve been repeatedly playing Tipping Point 1-4 ever since (ended up memorizing the process and how to get through all the games lol). Anyway, I’m really happy to know that you’ve released the 5th Chapter, though I’m not allowed to purchase apps in the App Store, so it’s quite sad that me and my siblings won’t be able to finish the game, but I’m really hoping that you’d release maybe an Android version or release the 5th Chapter online, so that we can all have a chance to play and finally finish the Tipping Point series. Will be waiting! Thanks for the extraordinary game! 🙂

  9. Hi Dan, fantastic game here! Having a blast with it. However, I can’t seem to get past the pi tracing part. I’ve dropped the key on the right monitor grill, and no matter how I write or trace 3.14 on the left monitor, it won’t do anything! Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

    Ps make another game!!! 🙂

    • Hi Shahin, thanks for your comment and for playing Tipping Point. I’m very pleased that you’re enjoying it. To get past the Pi puzzle, you just need to trace (just with your finger not the key) the numbers in Pi (including the decimal point). So, tap the top of the 3 and trace to the bottom. Lift up your finger. Tap the decimal point. Lift up. Continue with the 1 and the 4 and you should have it solved. I hope this helps! -Dan

  10. OK ,stuck on PI to…i cant insert the key on the left monitor only on the dash on position 3 or 4, and then impossible to move the key back on top of the monitor….already restarted chapter 5 times…i give up ! Drawing PI wont work either…

    • Hi Claudio! Thanks for playing Tipping Point. First off, solving the Pi puzzle doesn’t involve keys or dragging keys to the monitor. To get past this part of the game, you just trace the numbers of Pi that or on the image. So, start by tapping the top part of the 3 and, without lifting your finger up, trace the entire path of the number 3. Then tap the dot (for the decimal of Pi). Next trace the path of the numbers 1 and 4. This should unlock the screen and get you on your way. Remember, if you ever get stuck, you can always use the built-in hint system by tapping the (i) button in the upper left of the screen and then tapping the Hint button. I hope this helps! -Dan

  11. Hi, Dan

    Love, love, love the game!

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’m stuck on chapter 5’s satellite location decoder: I can’t figure out how to decode LONDON. Nothing I try is working. I hope I didn’t do something out of sequence…

    • Hi Nia! Thanks for playing Tipping Point! First of all, there’s no way you can make a wrong move in Tipping Point that will keep you from completing the game. To solve the city puzzles, look at the first two letters. If they are, for instance, L-D, that means the solution is every 4th character i.e. O-N-D-O. I hope this helps! -Dan

      • Before I received your reply, I figured out that I was on the wrong part of the puzzle!



        I have to say, GREAT GAME!!! I know you must get this a lot, but do you have plans for a sequel or at least something similar?

      • Hi Nia! Awesome! Congratulations on completing Tipping Point! I’m very happy that you enjoyed it. I would absolutely love to make another adventure game, but I don’t have any specific plans at this time. All the best. -Dan

  12. Michael Raven

    Can not find the Orange Button anywhere in the cockpit to drop down the teleport screen – reviewed the Help as well. Still don’t see an orange button. Can you please provide a screen shot?

    Thanks in advance

  13. Help! I live Tipping Point, however, have tried every code to get into London. And none of them work! Please help since there is no walk through!! Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Kristin! Thanks for playing Tipping Point. With London, it usually gives you “DO” as the first three letters and the proper response is “NDO”. Let’s give that a try! All the best, Dan

  14. Hey! I just love your game, but I’m stuck on airlock 1. What arrows do I need to press?

  15. Hi Dan, thousand thanks for the last chapter !!!! …. I hope you are preparing more and more games … It was a very good time spending with my family playing tipping point, it’s a giga-mega-great adventure !!!
    …. THANX !!!

  16. Tipping Point still is my all time favorite escape game. I just bought it on steam to play it again. The only escape game series I almost like as much is Submachine. Great work, really! Please make another game like this.

  17. i love this game a lot but so sadly i have an android and therefore i cant play it 😦 PLEASE make it so android users have the option to play this amazing game through google play store

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