Tipping Point is now available for android tablets and Windows 8!

TPIcon120I’m very excited to announce that my adventure game, Tipping Point, is now available for android tablets and Windows 8! This is the complete game including the new chapter 5. I hope you enjoy it and please be sure to tell your friends!

Tipping Point for android tablets (Amazon):

Tipping Point for Windows 8:

12 responses to “Tipping Point is now available for android tablets and Windows 8!

  1. Hi! This is a great game. The graphics are beautiful. The controls work perfectly. The story is interesting. I like the music and the ’80s nostalgia is fun. The hints system is very helpful. All in all, I have really enjoyed the game so far.

    The only request I have is for a way to skip the arcade-style games at some point. I have just gone a dozen rounds with New York level 1, and I don’t think I can get past it because I’m not quick enough to shoot aliens while dodging bullets using only one finger on the red keypad. A “skip” option would allow someone like me to finish the game.

    Thanks for listening. I hope you make more games like Tipping Point.

    • Hi Meri. Thanks so much for playing Tipping Point. I really appreciate your feedback. I’m not sure what platform you’re playing on, but I did make a change to the Android, Mac and Windows 8 versions to make the New York game get easier and easier each time you die. (I haven’t updated the iPad version yet.). I’m considering updating it again so that you are moved forward after 5 failed attempts. I think this will be an acceptable solution. All the best! -Dan

  2. Stuck on the switch box on chapter 4. I start with switches down then flip up the right number. Nothing happens after the right numbers are flip up. I’m on a Android Samsung player 4.2

  3. Amazing game, i’d play the game in Android z1 and work perfect.. I hope a new game soon.. Congrats and thanks for the fun

  4. Just finished this game on Kindle. Wow, it is really a gem! I’m so glad I finally discovered it now. Great plot, pacing, concepts, music, visuals… Thank you for your incredible work.

  5. Hi! I absolutely loved Tipping Point. Great game with a great story, great photo-realistic graphics, and great soundtrack. Speaking of which, is there a way I can find or listen to the soundtrack? I love it.
    Also, is there going to be a sequel or continuation of Tipping Point? No pressure, but it’s got such a great story. Thanks!

  6. Hello again! I love listening to Tipping Point’s soundtrack, but I’d love to play it for myself. Is there any sheet music for Tipping Point’s soundtrack? (preferably for piano solo). Thanks!

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